Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Calgary Storm Fill Basements with Water

When a major storm hit Calgary the excess water resulted in a sewer backup and this basement filled up with dirty water. Water can be placed into three categori... READ MORE

Calgary Cold Snap Causes Ice Damming

Calgary chinooks mixed with sudden cold snaps can cause ice to quickly melt and refreeze. When ice is blocking a drainage system, such as a rain gutter, the wat... READ MORE

Heavy Rainfall Damages Calgary Basement

Having proper drainage around your home is essential to mitigating the risk of water damage to your property. Heavy rainfall resulted in water pooling up around... READ MORE

Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc on Calgary Home

The long and cold Calgary winters are not only hard on us, they can be hard on your home too. This is an instance of Ice Damming, which is a result of snow melt... READ MORE