Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Calgary Garage Destroyed by Backyard Fire

Some fire jobs are more extreme than others. This backyard fire completely destroyed this home owner's garage, stored materials, and vehicle. The fire was so la... READ MORE

Cleaning Up a Calgary Basement Fire

Restoring a structure after a fire is a long process that can be quite hazardous. Fire can weaken structural supports making the building a fall risk. Luckily o... READ MORE

Calgary Basement Fire Requires Thorough Clean

When SERVPRO of Calgary South received a call about a local basement fire, we jumped on the call. Fire jobs require a long list of specialty equipment. It is no... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration in Calgary, Alberta

Barbecuing can be a great summertime activity but this one in particular had something a little different on the menu...the house. This fire caused extensive da... READ MORE